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An Aussie Perspective

Warmth in the Cold | Aluminum Print | Shipping Included in US

Warmth in the Cold | Aluminum Print | Shipping Included in US

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ICM is painting with light and motion. 

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) can be likened to creating a dynamic canvas where light and motion blend harmoniously to craft a unique visual tapestry. Just as a painter uses brushstrokes to evoke emotion and depth, the intentional movement of the camera captures the essence of movement in a scene, transforming it into a fluid and expressive work of art. Each deliberate sway or rotation of the camera becomes a brushstroke, imbuing the image with a sense of energy and vitality that transcends traditional photography. Like a masterful painter, the photographer becomes a conductor, orchestrating a symphony of light and motion to create a captivating and evocative masterpiece.


Visually striking, polished, and built to last - our stylish aluminum prints are designed with superior quality and a clean finish.


  • Crafted from two white aluminum layers and a black polyethylene compound core in between, our aluminum DIBOND® is lightweight yet strong, making it durable and perfect for larger art pieces. Since the aluminum DIBOND® panel is coated in white, it ensures that the white and bright areas have a faint silky gloss, which is stunning to look at.
  • The colors on this print are highly saturated, even in large monochrome areas, ensuring the artwork pops off the surface.
  • The print itself is matte and glare-free, giving it a timeless and classic look that enhances the art in a subtle and understated way.
  • The aluminum print comes in a thickness of approximately 3mm /0.12", providing a sturdy and rigid base.
  • The direct printing technology ensures that the image is printed straight onto the surface of the aluminum DIBOND® panel, resulting in a vivid and accurate reproduction.
  • Hanging kit included.
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