A photograph is usually looked at, seldom looked into ~ Ansel Adams

  • My Favourite Things

    7 hour brunches with girlfriends
    Mountain towns & alpine lakes
    Aspen leaves

  • Stuff I've Done

    Hiked a 14er
    Walked The Camino de Santiago
    Scouted hikes for Backpacker Mag
    Backpacked SE Asia for 7 months

  • Favorite Spots

    Rocky Mountain National Park
    Garmisch Partenkirchen
    The Desert Southwest
    Anywhere at sunrise

Discover the Beauty of Nature with my 2024 Calendars. Available in my store now!

For years, I've curated calendars showcasing moments frozen in time from the preceding year and sent them to my family & friends for Christmas. Being so far away from a lot of them, I felt this gift connected us in some way, and they were always well received. The photographs in my calendars are from my explorations. Images that I love to share that will leave you in awe, inspire you, or even make you laugh.

This year I am making my calendars available for sale so that everybody can hang one on their wall. Orders yours before the new year and stay up-to-date. For every calendar I sell I will donate $1 to a conservation fund or non-profit that strives to preserve nature and educate the public. Any profit I make will go into furthering my craft. My goal is to attend Rocky Mountain School of Photography in 2024. I'd love you to help me get there so I can share even better photos.

If you like to read, check out my blogs. If you don't like to read, check out my blog anyway - you might learn a little about me or gain insight into something you haven't thought about before. Stay tuned as I update my website with more products that feature the beautiful scenes I capture.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Chelise

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