The Organisation I Chose to Donate $1 Per Calendar Sold

Fauna & Flora International Donation


After extensive global research, I'm stoked to announce Fauna & Flora International (FFI) as the chosen recipient of the money I promised I'd donate when you bought my 2024 calendars. FFI's presence across nearly 50 countries and its focus on conservation stood out during my selection process.  I wanted to donate to a global conservation charity especially because people from all over the world purchased my calendars. 

Under the leadership of President - Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands - and Vice President - Sir David Attenborough - and supported by influential figures like Patron Prince William, FFI continues to champion sustainability and empowering communities, and fostering conservation skills worldwide.

Fauna & Flora International utilizes the collective knowledge and experience of its people and partners. They address critical issues affecting our planet's future such as habitat destruction which is such a huge threat to all kinds of animals. With over 120 years of conservation work, FFI has played a pivotal role in protecting and restoring over 55 million hectares of crucial habitat worldwide. 

By donating to FFI, we're contributing to a future where biodiversity can thrive and ecosystems flourish which is important to keeping the world beautiful for all of us and our future generations. Together, we're making a meaningful impact on the planet's health and well-being, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

Thank you for joining me on this journey towards a more harmonious relationship with nature.

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