Shout Out to My Friends With Businesses

A list of other small businesses you may want to check out.

I wanted to share the love and promote my friends. I have a personal experience with each one of the people I am highlighting below and I have been a customer of most of them so I can vouch for the quality of their products and the passion that went into each business. 


1. Earth on Up Photography - Launi is a photographer, videographer, and blogger. She takes nature photos, portraits, and wedding photos and has filmed & produced videos for non-profits. Launi also has experience in news broadcasting & photojournalism. Her eye for a beautiful shot is unmatched. Launi and I met when we both lived in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the German Alps and have remained very close friends since then.

2. AK Coaching - Alli is a life coach with a Master's degree in Human Development. She specializes in Imposter Syndrome, but her expertise extends far beyond that. Alli is dedicated to empowering her clients and giving them practical tools that make a difference in their lives. She is another person I met while living in Germany. There's always a magical feeling when we chat and I always learn something from her.

3. Throwing Stones Photography & Jewelry - Melisa makes beautiful jewelry. She also sells nature and wildlife prints from her world travels.  Melisa is family. She's going to be my sister-in-law soon and we often chat about photography. One of my favourite hiking experiences in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado was with Melisa.

4. Golden Gal - Heather sells gorgeous handcrafted jewelry. It's so popular that her pieces sell like hotcakes. They're great quality too. Heather is married to a friend of mine who I also met in Garmisch-Partenkirchen although we have our own hangs. We're part of a large group of people who will be part of each other's lives forever.  

5. Posh360 Marketing - Christie will generate leads, build relationships, and grow your brand. She's a savvy marketer who gets her clients lots of new customers. I met Christie while selling pins during the Winter Olympics of 2002 on Park City's Main Street. We became inseparable even though we ended up living in different cities. When I lived in Vegas I would drive 7-8 hours just to hang out for the weekend. 

6. Lost Campers - Nick & Emma rent budget campervans in San Francisco and Los Angeles. They'll help you Get Lost. The Thomsons are my OG travel buddies and some of my oldest friends. My life would not be the same without them.

7. Creative Medium - Samantha is a graphic designer who creates logo archetypes for clients who feel their business is a calling. I met Samantha while living in Colorado Springs. She made moving to a new city less alienating because she was so welcoming and warm. 

8. Dub City - David is building a community to motivate and encourage people with fitness and a positive headspace. He's sharing wins (Dubs!). David is currently building his platform so stay tuned for more good things to come. I met David a very long time ago at one of my bestie's weddings back on the Gold Coast. 

9. Vegas Jet Setter Chic - Leanne knows Vegas (that's Las Vegas, not Bris Vegas). She has a travel blog and YouTube channel focusing on Las Vegas, Nevada (Viva Las Vegas!) I met Leanne when I lived in Vegas. We met at a social group that likes to run and drink and she's part of my Las Vegas family.

10. RnB Yoga - Tonia is a yoga teacher and sports massage practitioner whose business is based in Auckland, New Zealand. She became passionate about helping people through yoga after a life-changing injury. Tonia's sound baths are dreamy. I met Tonia while living in London and we've stayed in touch for many years. We always have fun when we're together.

11. Fleur Elizabeth - Fleur is a trauma and health coach with vast and varied experience. She started her business to help women who had gone through traumatic experiences and were coping with food and drink. She's written a book! One day she's going to be famous. I met Fleur when I walked the Camino de Santiago. We bonded immediately (maybe it's the Aussie thing or maybe it's the awesome chick thing). 

12. All Things Garmisch - Jake is an American expat living in the German Alps. He started a tour company after living in Garmisch-Partenkirchen for several years. He'll take you to and educate you about castles and breweries amongst other things. Jake even does multi-day and private tours. I met Jake when he was a ski instructor in Garmisch - back in the good ole days.

If you have a small business that you'd like me to add to this list please reach out. My contact info is here: An Aussie Perspective

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